Broker Friendly

When it comes to employee benefits, businesses large and small rely on insurance professionals as trusted advisers. Virginia Benefits Market, through our BrokerCircle, engages these professionals as the program’s local representatives. Using the market’s robust platform, brokers can now deliver superior levels of service by directly assisting with enrollment, billing, and ongoing administration.

Virginia Benefits Market may be new, but we’re not new to this business. Virginia Benefits Market’s daily operations are managed by ChamberSolutions – a company with 20+ years experience running chamber insurance programs. In keeping with ChamberSolutions’ broker-first philosophy, Virginia Benefits Market is built to be a broker-friendly private benefits exchange. We seek to provide the essential tools and resources needed to effectively and efficiently serve clients – while simplifying and streamlining how brokers sell, service, and manage their book of business.

Special Requirements

First and foremost, as a program built and operated by chambers of commerce it is an absolute imperative that any broker wishing to be a part of the BrokerCircle distribution channel must be a chamber member in good standing with their local chamber of commerce.

Virginia Benefits Market represents an entirely new way to shop for benefits. The proprietary platform and its unique attributes make for an exciting opportunity. It is because of this uniqueness that brokers required to attend an orientation/training session.  It is only after completion of this session that brokers are authorized to represent the market.

Carrier Appointments

BrokerCircle representatives will be appointed by each respective carrier that is offering product through the market. Brokers must meet each carrier’s appointment requirements.

Special Note: Virginia Benefits Market’s 2-50 platform is structured in such a way that a predetermined set of carriers and their respective products are offered. In the unlikely event that a broker cannot be appointed by a particular carrier serving that market segment, it would preclude that agent from writing any business on the platform in the 2-50 segment.

No Exclusivity

Virginia Benefits Market does not provide exclusive territory rights or protections. All brokers that meet the requirements noted above, are duly licensed and appointed by our carriers,  and are willing to accept the revenue split arrangement may participate. Virginia Benefits Market endeavors to provide a level playing field to support all BrokerCircle participants.

Lead Generation

Virginia Benefits Market, through its technology partner CieloStar, utilizes a robust electronic marketing tool to promote the market to current and prospective chamber members. As users engage with this highly sophisticated marketing tool, it nurtures and moves the user along the sales continuum. Once the user is determined to be a credible lead, it is turn over to a local BrokerCircle representative. These leads are assigned in a round-robin fashion for each general geographic area. If a lead is found to have a BrokerCircle representative as their current broker, the lead is returned to that broker.

Need More Information

Feel free to contact us for additional information or clarification. The success of Virginia Benefits Market largely depends on our BrokerCircle distribution partners – your success is our success!

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