Virginia Benefits Market offers a wide variety of products and services. You’ll find traditional plans like health, dental, vision, life, and disability. And some not so traditional coverages like identity protection, and even a CieloStar Card that comes with plenty of Retail Benefits, including a rewards program that provides incentives for online shopping at participating merchants.

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From Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), to Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), to qualified high deductible health plans (QHDHP) that can be tied to a Health Savings Account (HSA), the Virginia Benefits Market offers a broad selection of health insurance options from a number of high-quality insurance carriers.


DentalAs the second most requested employee benefit behind health insurance, dental coverage is an important staple in every quality benefits offering. We are pleased to provide several plan options from carriers that have great products and sizable provider networks that fully support Virginia’s diverse workforce.


Often desired by employees, but not often offered by employers, vision is a highly prized benefit. We are pleased to offer plans from several carriers that offer great benefits and broad provider networks.


Term life insurance is a highly affordable means to protect those that may be left behind. Our life insurance solutions provides great coverage at highly affordable rates. We’ve even negotiated some really great “guaranteed issue” amounts meaning that employees can obtain significant amounts of coverage regardless of health history.


Next to health insurance, disability coverage is probably the most important benefit one can buy. Unfortunately, most employees don’t have such coverage. Through the Virginia Benefits Market, employees can now insure their paycheck the same as they insure their health and life.

Critical Care

When a critical illness strikes like a heart attack, cancer, stroke, or even advanced Alzheimer’s disease, you need specialized coverage that can supplement your health insurance. That’s why we’ve included this important benefit as one of the many offerings available through the market.

Legal Plans

Group legal plans are one of the fastest growing benefits offered by top employers. They have proven to be a cost effective way for participating employees to have quality legal representation at a fraction of the average hourly cost for an attorney. Simply put, a group legal plan can provide employees access to top quality attorneys at an affordable, fixed monthly price. 

ID TheftID Protection

With an identity being stolen every 2 seconds, ID theft protection services can give you the insight you need to find out if you are a victim of identity theft, and the tools and resources necessary to restore your indentity in case of a breach .