After vetting nearly a dozen “private exchange” platforms, Virginia Benefits selected CieloStar.CieloStarLogo

Their CieloChoice – Fully Integrated Health and Benefits System is a simple but robust complete and powerful benefits platform.

Why CieloStar?

With more than 15 years experience in delivering a wide array of employee benefit options on one integrated platform, CieloStar’s platform was proven and highly capable. Combine that with the fact that they fully understand the chamber of commerce model, and that they are partnering with other chambers of commerce across the country to build a series of chamber-sponsored private exchanges, CieloStar is the ideal partner to support the Virginia Benefits Market.

Who is CieloStar?

CieloStar provides leading edge payment and decision support technology that helps employers and consumers compare, select and purchase insurance and benefit solutions. In addition, CieloStar continues to expand its position with healthcare providers and payers by offering leading edge solutions to drive efficiency and velocity in the movement of healthcare data and payments.

How does CieloStar do it?

CieloStar has end-to-end solutions, integrating all the parts of the employer, provider, and consumer experience, connected in real time using their BenefitReady® technology platform. CieloStar’s philosophy allows employers, healthcare providers, and affinity groups to use the parts of the comprehensive CieloStar suite that make sense for them right now, and incorporate additional solutions seamlessly as the health benefits landscape, or their own needs, change.

What is BenefitReady®

BenefitReady® is the proprietary benefits platform that powers CieloStar’s exchanges and defined contribution solutions. Their proprietary online solutions provide the engine to facilitate the paperless administration, transaction automation, payment and electronic eligibility management that the healthcare industry so desperately needs. Their technology is designed and maintained with a complete in-house IT department to support all aspects of their solutions. Clients reap the benefits of a truly integrated online system, a single eligibility data warehouse, and consistently delivered technology enhancements.

BenefitReady® is a year-round benefits portal for both client HR and employees. The site can be used by HR to manage eligibility, run real-time reports, and process new hires, terminations, life events, and COBRA qualifying events. Employees can complete their enrollment process, review dependent and beneficiary information, and print benefit confirmation statements. They can also access a message center and a complete “Knowledge Base” of client-specific links forms and information.

  • Online Enrollment: Rules‐based, employees see only their plans, rates, rules, and communications
  • EDI File Feeds: OS1 manages all 834/5010 HIPAA compliant EDI file transfers to carriers and payroll
  • Real Time Data/Reporting: 24‐hour access, on‐demand reporting for Client HR
  • Client Control: Open Enrollment window, Knowledge Base, user access rules, colors, custom URL and screen text can all be dictated by Client
  • Full Service Support: Client has control, but CieloStar does all the system work to implement, configure, update, and feed EDI